Net Neutrality

     The idea of net neutrality initially comes across as a good thing to online viewers. However, with federal government restrictions and rules, companies are affected as well. I fully support true net neutrality but with federal regulations, the government is quickly taking control of every website on the internet. Many argue that the government over steps its authority. SOPA is better, in some aspects, than net neutrality because it targets individual sites that engage in illegal activity when a warrant is obtained. Net Neutrality rules allow the government to target all sites whenever they want to. I do not think that companies oppose the idea of net neutrality. They strongly oppose the government regulations that come with it, however. It is important for people so strongly for internet neutrality to atleast see the point that companies are making. However, it is important for the companies to see that the viewers do not want our country to turn into China, North Korea, or Iran, who all censor information in their countries.


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