Government Shutdown

  The  government shutdown has more affect on the public than many people realize. National parks are shut down, federal government workers are without work for the time being, military personnel are working unpaid for the time being, and federal facilities are being shut down. When Sheila Caraway, 23, arrived at the I.R.S. office in downtown Los Angeles, she was turned away by a security officer who explained that parts of the government had been shut down. She left the I.R.S. without the tax refund that she had hoped would help pay for her cable TV bill (Shear, 2013). Immigration agencies are also affected with the VISA process being delayed. During the last shutdown in 1996, “approximately 20,000-30,000 visa applications by foreigners went unprocessed for each day offices were closed and 200,000 applications for passports of U.S. citizens stalled” (Grenier, 2013). Therefore, immigrants waiting on their visas in order to get a job or to prove that they are legal citizens can expect a delay for the time being. As a result of this shutdown, many Americans are impacted in more ways than most people realize. 


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