Syria has been on the news for a long time now as a result of their ongoing civil war between their government and their own civilians. Despite the fact that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has massacred thousands of innocent civilians, the United States has stayed out until recently. Due to reports of Assad launching chemical weapons attacks on its own civilians, the United States came extremely close to bombing Syria. Last month, reports came out that a senior national security official told ABC News that a “U.S. military strike on Syria will do more damage to the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 48 hours than Syrian rebels have done in two years of civil war” (Karl & Martinez,2013). The same report stated that the U.S. would use a “significantly expanded” air campaign that would include long range bombers as well as Tomohawk missiles launched from U.S. war ships (Karl & Martinez,2013). As recently as a few weeks ago, however, it appears that the U.S. will stay clear of this airstrike. The U.S. has stayed clear all in part of a deal that was reached with Syria and Russia that that called for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by the middle of 2014 (Gordon, 2013).

     This agreement came after Russia spoke out against a possible U.S. strike. Although it is a good thing that another war was prevented, this does not look good for “the world’s most powerful country.” In the eyes of many Americans, this deal shows how weak the Obama Administration is in the international community and how Russia is gaining power. It comes off as Russia telling Americans how to act and what to do. I would have supported an airstrike on Syrian chemical weapons facilities as a result of a limited action air campaign. However, President Obama was too weak to act in this manner. Say what you want about former President Bush but with him in office, Assad would have never even considered using chemical weapons due to the fact that other countries feared us. Had Syria used the weapons, Bush would have unleashed an incredible air campaign similar to the Shock and Awe strike on Iraq in 2003. With Obama in office, other countries push our buttons without any fear of us retaliating and they do not respect us. In order for that to happen, we can not allow Russia to tell us what to do. 


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Karl, J. & Martinez, L. (2013, September 6). US Eyes Broader Syrian Strike to Include Bombers. ABC News. Retrieved from



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