Massive Open Online Courses can change higher education for several reasons. This is because they provide a college level education at a fraction of the cost. In fact, many of these courses are free (Newsom, 2013). These courses also do not require a person to be a student at the school (Newsom, 2013). Therefore, even people from other countries interested in MOOC’s can take courses. As Scott Kisner (2013) of the Boston Globe writes, on certain websites such as Coursera, edX, and Khan Academy, people “can learn how to run a clinical trial that will satisfy the Food and Drug Administration, study aircraft design, or dive into the basics of environmental law.” However, these courses should not be seen as an alternative to internships, college education, or first hand experience. Instead, they should be used as a resume builder as companies today are still are focusing on past experience and quality of work (Kisner, 2013).

     As Geoffrey A. Fowler (2013) of the Wall Street Journal describes, MOOC’s still have room for improvement. He states that students “staring at a screen” does not provide first hand experience. This is why online education can never fully replace courses provided at a college. Although some majors, such as English majors, could benefit from online courses, nursing majors would struggle in an online setting. Majors like this need hands on work that could never be replicated through a computer screen. Therefore, my verdict on MOOC’s is that they can be great for some majors but for many, they are not a complete alternative to official college classes.


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