STEM Studies

STEM studies focus on several particular subjects. These subjects include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Additionally, chemistry and physics are covered as well (Sharma, 2011). Therefore, less emphasis is placed on subjects such as history. Although history is one of my favorite subjects and it saddens me to see this subject declining, evidence has suggested that STEM jobs are paying off for students studying these subjects. It is a fact that these jobs tend to pay more than other areas of study. Several studies have indicated that sixty-three percent of associate degrees in stem studies earned more than bachelor degree holders in non-STEM occupations (Sharma, 2011). Another convincing statistic is that 47% of stem students with a bachelor’s degree earned more than those with a master’s degree in non-stem occupations (Sharma,2011). Therefore, this evidence proves that degrees in these subjects are paying off. Jobs are also increasing in these subjects (see chart below). It proves to me that more emphasis should be placed on these subjects. However, I feel that subjects such as history still should be taught and understood by students.

Sharma, S. (2011, October 21). STEM jobs pay more, reduce the wage gap between men and women. The Chronicle.

Retrieved from

The State of our Union’s 21st Century Workforce (2012, February 6). Retrieved from


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