My Major

     The true reason why I am studying criminal justice is to become a New York State trooper. That is my goal. If I do not achieve this, I would still be a local police officer or perhaps be involved in law enforcement at the federal level. I want to pursue this degree because becoming an officer to me is something that a lot of people will respect me for. I have always lived my life in a respectable way. I have always followed rules, achieved great grades, and worked hard. I believe that being a New York State trooper will allow me to use these qualities and achievements to benefit society. 

     Computers play a role in criminal justice in many ways. Specifically for a police officer, computers are used to display information on suspects and are used to display a list of calls for officers to answer, among many other things. The information on suspects is crucial because by running a license plate for a person that an officer pulls over, he or she is able to know if this person is a wanted felon or if this person is a dangerous person. This information could save the life of an officer. Policing is not the only occupation in criminal justice that uses computers. However, the importance of computers has increased significantly over the last decade for officers. 


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