Google Glass

   Google Glass definitely displays the direction is which technology is going. Technology has been focusing on making basic things such as gps, texting, talking on the phone, and accessing the internet more accessible. The iphone and other smartphones have done this. However, the video on google glass makes it seem even more easily accessible than cellphones. Google Glass definitely has a futuristic look to it beyond that of an iphone.  

   The benefit to this technology as previously stated is the simplicity in accessing these components such as emails, text messages among other things. They are also much easier to carry around. As crazy as it seems with cell phones being made smaller and smaller, additions of phones such as the Galaxy introduce much larger screens on their phones. This makes it rather annoying to store in a pocket. The glasses are obviously worn on your face and are transported more easily. The downside with this technology in my mind is that people might become too reliable on this technology. As shown in the video, the man used the google glass to get to the book store. He also used it to find the right section to go to while inside the bookstore. It worries me that when individuals have this technology, they may not actually be able to find these places on their own. If their google glass was to break, they would be lost without it. This is what worries me about technology this involved in our daily lives.


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