In my opinions, outsourcing is bad for the American people. This is because companies are giving jobs to those in other countries for as much as half the salary that they would pay Americans. This is great for companies because they are saving money. However, this provides less jobs for Americans. Because companies can hire a Mexican or a Chinese worker for much less, why WOULD they hire an American? Because this is providing less jobs for American people, more Americans are without jobs and without incomes. This impacts the economy because less money from the American people is being used. 

   Another way that this impacts the economy is because larger companies can acquire cheaper, and sometimes lower quality items or goods from manufacturing companies from other countries. This results in American manufacturers having less business and less money. However, it also can produce items with poor quality. Companies sometimes do not take this into account and simply focus on cutting costs rather than selling the best item on the market. Because of this, outsourcing can negatively impact the United States and its economy. 


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