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   In my opinions, outsourcing is bad for the American people. This is because companies are giving jobs to those in other countries for as much as half the salary that they would pay Americans. This is great for companies because they are saving money. However, this provides less jobs for Americans. Because companies can hire a Mexican or a Chinese worker for much less, why WOULD they hire an American? Because this is providing less jobs for American people, more Americans are without jobs and without incomes. This impacts the economy because less money from the American people is being used. 

   Another way that this impacts the economy is because larger companies can acquire cheaper, and sometimes lower quality items or goods from manufacturing companies from other countries. This results in American manufacturers having less business and less money. However, it also can produce items with poor quality. Companies sometimes do not take this into account and simply focus on cutting costs rather than selling the best item on the market. Because of this, outsourcing can negatively impact the United States and its economy. 


Google Glass

   Google Glass definitely displays the direction is which technology is going. Technology has been focusing on making basic things such as gps, texting, talking on the phone, and accessing the internet more accessible. The iphone and other smartphones have done this. However, the video on google glass makes it seem even more easily accessible than cellphones. Google Glass definitely has a futuristic look to it beyond that of an iphone.  

   The benefit to this technology as previously stated is the simplicity in accessing these components such as emails, text messages among other things. They are also much easier to carry around. As crazy as it seems with cell phones being made smaller and smaller, additions of phones such as the Galaxy introduce much larger screens on their phones. This makes it rather annoying to store in a pocket. The glasses are obviously worn on your face and are transported more easily. The downside with this technology in my mind is that people might become too reliable on this technology. As shown in the video, the man used the google glass to get to the book store. He also used it to find the right section to go to while inside the bookstore. It worries me that when individuals have this technology, they may not actually be able to find these places on their own. If their google glass was to break, they would be lost without it. This is what worries me about technology this involved in our daily lives.

Private Information

    I do not find any online information posted by ordinary citizens private with the exception of email. I think this because I view this as a private conversation. My opinion, however, changes when discussing email viewing of suspected terrorists. I am in full support of the government doing this because this involves our national security. I believe that this should only be done if the person is suspected as being a terrorist, not any ordinary citizen. 

    Because information such as that on social media websites is open to the public to see, I have no problem with the government reviewing this information. Any information that is able to be viewed by others on the internet should be allowed to be reviewed by the government. My view is, if someone does not want their information reviewed, do not post it! As previously said, emails are the only exception in my mind. 

Illegal Downloading

     I do not believe that illegal downloading is a victim-less crime. For instance, illegal music downloads affect both the artist and their record company. Using my favorite music artist as an example, Eminem came out with an album exactly one week ago. The album was illegally “leaked” on the internet six days prior to its release date. I admit that I downloaded the album before the actual release date. However, I still went out and bought the album on the day it was released. When people just download the music for free and do not end up buying the album or buying an individual song off of Itunes, they are taking money out of the the pocket of Eminem and his record company, Interscope records.

     When someone as popular as Eminem releases an album, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be stripped from him because of illegal downloading. Although I have illegally downloaded music, I do not see it as being different from stealing. In my eyes, its the same as walking into a store and stealing a music album. However, the one who initially posts the illegal material online should be the one who faces the most serious punishment. 

My Major

     The true reason why I am studying criminal justice is to become a New York State trooper. That is my goal. If I do not achieve this, I would still be a local police officer or perhaps be involved in law enforcement at the federal level. I want to pursue this degree because becoming an officer to me is something that a lot of people will respect me for. I have always lived my life in a respectable way. I have always followed rules, achieved great grades, and worked hard. I believe that being a New York State trooper will allow me to use these qualities and achievements to benefit society. 

     Computers play a role in criminal justice in many ways. Specifically for a police officer, computers are used to display information on suspects and are used to display a list of calls for officers to answer, among many other things. The information on suspects is crucial because by running a license plate for a person that an officer pulls over, he or she is able to know if this person is a wanted felon or if this person is a dangerous person. This information could save the life of an officer. Policing is not the only occupation in criminal justice that uses computers. However, the importance of computers has increased significantly over the last decade for officers. 

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was the founder of the social news website, Reddit, and co-developed the RSS (Martinez, 2013). His life ended in tragedy when he committed suicide in his New York apartment earlier this year (Martinez, 2013). Although he was an internet icon, his life ended while he was being viewed in a negative light. His suicide came as he faced charges that he hacked into the archives of scholarly sources at MIT with the intentions of releasing the information for free (Secret Service had Reddit founder Aaron Swartz under surveillance before his suicide, 2013). Many of his supporters say that he died fighting for free speech and for making internet content free to the public. Swartz’s family and called his death “the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach.” The family called these charges “an exceptionally harsh array of charges (for) an alleged crime that had no victims” (Martinez, 2013). If anything, this case says that the criminal justice system is very serious about cracking down on illegal internet content as well as the illegal sharing of files. It seems odd that Swartz faced several decades of prison time for a crime like this. In comparison to crimes such as a robbery, this may result in a harsher sentencing. Although I am unsure if I agree or not with this harsh sentence, Swartz did break the law. Although this case will not stop all individuals from seeking to do similar acts, it will serve as a reminder of how severe the government is willing to punish individuals.


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